Review: Kinect for Xbox 360 | You are the Controller

Kinect for Xbox 360

From Microsoft TECH Fest '11, as we said previously, we given a chance to experience the Kinect for Xbox 360. So here is a small review, its pros and cons.
Between the major gmae consoles such as  Nintendo Wii, Playstation Move and Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360. The Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 is the different among the three, because it get rid of the buttons in controlling. It is now relies on body gestures and voice commands. In short, you are the controller.

Monitor that serve as your guide.
The Kinect can be navigated two ways, through either voice or hand gestures. Let's start with hand gestures; from a standing position, simply motion the icon to hover over the menu item you want to select from but it can take a couple seconds. A physical annoyance, but  quicker and more convenient. 

It also has a voice command control but limited. There is a limited command that can be used such as saying "XBOX" to go to menu.

A student giving a demo.

This technology is really powerful, because of its voice command feature. And dance or physical games can help in physical fitness.

The only problem is, it requires a lot of room space and the hand gesture UI can be very slow.

But overall, it can be a start in the new technology of this era.
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