Google censored its logo, an Anti-SOPA Protest

Google joins in Anti-SOPA  protest, same as what  Wikipedia is doing.
Although they do not blacked out their services, (too many to mention) they showed their protest by censoring their logo; which is visible only in US. (because we have a US ip, here in Philippines we have given a chance to see it)

When you put your cursor to the doodle, it shows a message:
Tell Congress: Please don't censor the web!

Google logo got censored
       Because PIPA and SOPA will censor the web, it may not lead to more innovation and may affect different businesses especially those who are engaging online.
       Although this is a bill from US, it may affect the whole world engaging in internet because they are one of the leaders in making an innovation these days,
       Everyone especially US citizens are calling out to sign for a petition here by Google.
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