iTunes 11 Review, Screenshots and Details

iTunes 11

iTunes 11 has been released, so here are some of the screenshots to show you some updates and new interface of Apple's store/music player.

At first, the album view in grid mode is the same as the old version, but as you see below, the left side bar has been minimized. The tabs for Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books, Apps, Tones, and Home sharing has been shared in one dropdown.
iTunes 11 gives cleaner interface for the tabs of Songs, Album, Artists, Genres, Videos, Playlists, Radio and Match.
iTunes 11 Grid View

Once you clicked an album, a list of songs of that album will be shown. Aside from that, the cover art of that album will be served as background image.
As I observed, iTunes 11 can detect the side color of an album art and will choose it as background color as a whole.

iTunes 11 Album Song List Color
Glee: The Music, Season 4, Vol. 1 has an album art color of blue-green (I think), then the background color has been changed also to blue-green.

iTunes 11 Album Song
Same with the Glee, The Music Presents: Glease, has a black side-color, then the background color has been changed also.

The Songs tab doesn't change as we can see, it's boring (just a list of songs and details)
iTunes 11 Songs Tab

The Artists tab is more better. There's a left side-bar for the artist, once you clicked, you will be directed to artist's album and songs.
iTunes 11 Artists Tab

On Genres tab, same with Artist tab; there's a sidebar, once you clicked you will be directed also to the songs/album based on the genre.
iTunes 11 Genre Tab

On Videos tab, no changes (I think). Same view, same player and same controls.
iTunes 11 Videos Tab

Playlist tab is not that boring anymore, because you can now change the view to grid, details, and artist list.
iTunes 11 Playlist Tab

Radio is one of my favorite feature, but still no changes. The categories, stream name, and details are still there no more, no less.
iTunes 11 Radio Tab

More screenshots below!
iTunes 11 Apps
iTunes 11 Books
iTunes 11 Tones
iTunes 11 Podcasts
iTunes 11 TV Shows
TV Shows

Now let's proceed to other function of iTunes, the iTunes Store where we can browse, download or buy music, apps, games, movies, books and subscriptions.

iTunes 11, iTunes Store, Home
iTunes Store | Home
iTunes 11, iTunes Store, Apps
iTunes Store |  Apps
iTunes 11, iTunes Store, Books
iTunes Store | Books
iTunes 11, iTunes Store, Movies
iTunes Store | Movies
iTunes 11, iTunes Store, Music
iTunes Store | Music
iTunes 11, iTunes Store, Podcasts
iTunes Store | Podcasts
iTunes 11, iTunes Store, TV Shows
iTunes Store | TV Shows
iTunes 11, iTunes Store, iTunes U
iTunes Store | iTunes U
MiniPlayer got a big renovation, it is now better and has many functions. You can search the entire library, look for the list of songs in album, AirPlay, controls, iTunes shortcuts, and History.

iTunes 11, Mini Player

As a whole, the design is completely clean. It opens faster compared to previous version. The effects when opening/closing is now better. But there are some features that doesn't changed much.
The cover flow for iTunes 11 has gone. It now only shows grid, list, and artist view.
Overall, good and worth waiting.
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