Google launched Cube, play a Cubic Google Maps!

Google officially launched its 'Cube', a WebGL game on Chrome Experiments about Google Maps. A teaser video was made by Google via YouTube last January, and it is now officially ready and open to public to play.

It allows you to learn some of the Google Map's features while playing and enjoying. Travelling throught Tokyo, New York and other cities were made possible. You can control the marble using your cursor, and your time will be recorded as you finished the game.

It has 8 level as Fusible reported:
Level 1 has you maze your way through the busy streets of Manhattan to reach your friends at the Brooklyn Bowl.
Level 2 has you in San Francisco on two wheels, biking your way to four different landmarks.
Level 3 needs you to find your way through Paris traffic to the Eiffel tower. Google recommends you pay attention to the traffic layer to see which roads are fast and which will grind you to a halt.  If you take a busy route, your marble slows.
Level 4, you’re in the London Underground trying to get to the Big Ben during rush hour. Google points out the subway lines are connected by color and you need to find the fastest combination possible.
Level 5, visit Tokyo.  You need to find your way through the complex streets of the city, visiting all the tourist locations while paying close attention to the road network.
Level 6. You must visit all the six reviewed restaurants in central Las Vegas in the smallest time possible.
Level 7.  Find your way through the Mall of America and collect all of the Google Offers on each of the four floors.
Level 8, you step it up a notch using your knowledge of the previous levels to find your fastest route to your objective in the ever changing cubic city.
To try this game go to
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